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Andrew Scott Grivas

APattern:  Get to Know Us

 A Pattern Health Retreat is comfortably situated in eastern Missouri, settled in in among the rivers and parks about an hour south of St. Louis. The lodge has the wonderful country ambience of surrounding trees, water, wide sky, pastures and cows combined with proximity to quaint small towns and the modern St. Louis.  Opportunities for outings are many as they complement our health restoration program.  Whether you have a major disease or just long for a vacation that sends you home improved in mind, body, and spirit instead of drained in all those plus finances, we have a program tailored for you.

Our program offers a relaxed vacation setting combined with alert medical personnel to help guide you through the process of health restoration.  You will have an initial visit with your doctor to assess your health status. It will be helpful to bring any recent laboratory results (done within the past three months) to expedite your diagnosis and treatment plan.  Lacking that, our physician can order the studies he needs at the nearby lab.

We combine the relaxation of spa treatments, mentally stimulating health presentations integrating  the most current health data with time-honored and proven medical knowledge. Your spa experience may include massage, various hydrotherapy procedures (such as steam bath, contrast shower, etc) on a schedule planned just for you by our staff. While we cannot offer you a college course in health during your stay with us, we promise a thorough introduction to the subject of mind and body restoration.

Since we need and enjoy tasty, healthful food, we do major focus on cooking – whether in the interactive cooking lab, or in the kitchen preparing attractive, tasty, nutritious, unique cuisine consisting only of plant-based ingredients, and including none of the high-fat, no-fiber animal products. Topics such as stress management, the use of natural remedies at home, issues relating to healthy spiritual and mental outlooks, the different aspects of heart-related diseases (high cholesterol, hypertension, targeted stress management, obesity, etc.), managing or reversing diabetes in all its types and effects, depression recovery, and many others. Overweight/obesity, the growing epidemic in the world today, will be studied in several talks.

The Retreat is capable of handling up to twelve guests in grouped settings, or six if requesting single occupancy, offering the choice of private bedrooms with bath, or suites of two bedrooms which share a bath—all with a comfortable, country cottage décor. The dining room provides community, while each guest is individually served with vegetarian cuisine planned just for their health needs.

For variety, guest outings are included to many local scenic venues.