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11 Day Program - Full Medical

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11 Day Program

Full Medical 

  • This is the full program, with all medical benefits, including doctor’s visits, hydrotherapy, massage, health lectures, cooking classes, herbal and/or organic gardening classes, exercise classes, and much more.  There are small additional charges per day for the executive suites.
  • Medical Program Highlights 

    •  Accommodation: You will have a comfortable suite with a private bath, or a shared suite bath if you have a companion.
    •  Meals: Nutritious, delicious plant-based meals
    •  Doctor: You will have an initial doctor visit, with follow-up consults as needed
    •  Blood Work: A health history upon arrival. Recent Labs will be provided by you, or obtained at a local Lab here.
    •  Cooking: instruction is given in preparing plant based meals. Personal time with our chef(s) is also available on an ‘as needed’ basis
    •  Massage & Hydrotherapy: You will receive massage and hydrotherapy treatments each week. Various treatments may include steam bath, whirlpool, contrast shower, hot & cold packs to specific areas, contrast foot baths
    •  Exercise: A personalized exercise routine will be structured just for you and scheduled time with the Fitness Trainer will assure your progress and safety. A home exercise routine will be planned before you go home
    •  Mental/Spiritual Health Coaching: Private time with our health coach(s) is available as needed.
    •  Lectures: A wide variety of lecture topics will be presented that may include: wellness, nutrition, stress management, exercise, mental & spiritual health, and the use of natural remedies at home
      •  Weekend Outings: Many local scenic venues available
      •  Transport: When applicable, airport transport is provided


      Is It Time for a Tune-up? A relaxing vacation? A health-based retreat?

      Call us soon.  We will be delighted to serve you.

    • BALANCE DUE: The remaining balance must be paid at the time of registration.

      ADDED CHARGES: will be required for additional lab, additional services, diagnostic services, pharmacy items & supplements, or emergency care.

      FAMILY MEMBER: To help our guests continue their lifestyle changes at home, we encourage family members to accompany.


      The deposit paid at time of booking is partially refundable. If for any reason you are not able to make the Lifestyle Program you booked for, you must let us know at least TWO weeks in advance of your booked starting date.

      Additional Costs

      Pharmacy and health food store  items, special diagnostic procedures, and certain individualized services are not a part of the package price. Hydrotherapy or massage (in addition to your regular treatments) can be scheduled for an additional fee subject to availability. Payment for extras is due at the end of the program.


      We will submit a claim for you with your insurance company. However, most insurance policies cover only certain aspects of wellness programs, such as the doctor’s visit, or lab work, so we cannot guarantee payment of claims.  Let us know before you arrive who your insurance carrier is, and we will be able to tell you if we have a contract with that carrier.  Please bring your insurance card with you and present it at time of admission.